The Basics of Carpet Cleaning

It can be tricky if you are looking to clean every nook and cranny. In the case of carpets, it can be extra hard to get a thorough cleaning done because many steps are involved in the process. Lets start with the basics:


No matter what kind of cleaning you intend to do, it is a MUST that you pre-vacuum. What this does is loosen any dirt and dust that may be caked inside the bristles of the carpet lining. If necessary, do several passes. 2-3 times should be a sufficient amount of passes to loosen up dirt particulates that have settles near the bottom and the top.

Move furniture

It doesn’t matter whether you have the longest arms in the world, or the most variable attachments for your vacuum. It may still serve you well to move as many pieces of furniture out of the way. Be careful, however, not to injure yourself. In most cases, the technicians that arrive on scene will offer to do this step for you. It still helps speed the process along if more time can be spent cleaning instead of renovating the layout of the room.


Most professional carpet cleaning companies will start their cleaning process with the first two steps. Then comes the most important pre-extraction step. The Pre-conditioning. The pre-conditioning step involved spraying some specially designed chemicals and cleaners onto your carpets surface. What this will do i simultaneously prepare the carpet for easy extraction, while also conditioning the carpet surface to remove and crunchy caked on dust and dirt.


Agitation comes next. Agitation is the process of scrubbing and eliminating dirt and grime. Similar to you washing your hands, this will be the step that will result in the final loosening of the dirt and grime that may be embedded within the lining and the body of the carpet itself, as well as UNDER it.


This step is the one that everyone is familiar with. This step actually involved the vacuum equipment installed in the technicians work truck. This vacuum is no ordinary vacuum however. Unlike a regular house vacuum (which has a common psi measurement of 14.7 PSI ), a professionally installed vacuum with a wand attachment can pull as much as 1500 PSI. That’s significantly more pressure than a regular household vacuum. This allows the technician to reach as far down as the floor itself that lies beneath your carpet.


Similar to the pre-conditioning, chemicals that are specially formulated to clean and condition the carpet are applied to soften the material of the carpet and intil a fresh fragrance that can last 1-2 weeks. This isn’t just for the good new carpet smell clean though. These chemicals (like Teflon) are specially designed to help form a protective barrier on the surface of the carpet to make it harder form dirt and grime to accumulate fast.


Yes, you heard that right. This step involves grooming your carpet by lightly brushing and softening the surface. This will extract any left over residue that may have been persistent or missed while leaving your carpet looking like is was just bought yesterday.


And for the last step. The drying. While this isn’t the most entertaining step, it is still important to notice which areas of the carpet are taking longer to dry than others. This can be a good indication of areas that may still contain some dirt, or may have been over-soaked which may lead to a need to be serviced again.